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Ryan Meador

Thank you all for the info.  I should have mentioned in my original post that we have a fixed propeller (I think its the original spare).  I'm a bit concerned about this domed mastic thing... depending on how you define "domed", it may have been in such a state when we last hauled out.  I've attached a photo.  What do you think?  We're no longer in the tropics, so it's too cold and too murky to go down and look at it now.

What purpose does the mastic serve?  Would it be harmful to remove it in the water and not replace it?  Presumably the rest of the bolt is exposed to seawater, so I don't see why the head needs special protection.


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On Sun, Apr 7, 2019 at 12:07 PM Giovanni TESTA <giovannitesta53@...> wrote:
Many thanks Bill & Eric.
For now no problem, but it is better to know in advance how it is fixed.
Do you know if it is possible to test it strongly moving it somehow, at the foot bottom.

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Check these photos out:

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