Re: Companionway Door Seal - New Photos Album & Photos

James Alton

  My boat which is the Maramu model has two drain holes, one at each end of the box.  They are drill as far outboard as possible and angle downward as they pass through the engine room bulkhead.  Both holes were 100 percent plugged and my box filled up washing the boat so I went looking.  The holes were filled with dirt and only about 1/4" in diameter but once opened the box drains.  I am not sure if your boat will have these holes or not.  Mine look to be original since they would be impossible to drill in the current location without some disassembly.

Sv Sueno
Maramu #220

On Apr 9, 2019 9:23 AM, Steven Bode <steve@...> wrote:
HA! There's a drain hole in the companionway box?! I was just in a big storm in Bodrum two days ago and that box filled up with water! I mopped it out with a towel and was wondering if there was a hole down there. Could NOT find it. I imagined that Henri did not want another hole in his boat, but in my mind I started to design a drain hole with a J-pipe or something... Anyway, IS there supposed to be a hole there?

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