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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Ian,

thanks for this. I was going to say the same but not knowing the number. I was once trouble shooting a fuel issue and rigged a 5 litre mini tank on the supply side, leaving the fuel return from the injector pump in place to the main tank.I was startled how quickly the 5 litre tank emptied. Obviously far more fuel is circulated than is used.

Having said that I have had my fuel tank cleaned when I was chasing a solution to low revs. (things you do when you've tried every thing) There was a build up of sludge that was not being picked up by the fuel supply pipe and thus causing no trouble. I put the boat on a dock. The fuel cleaner parked his gear alongside and circulated all my fuel through his system while agitating the tank. I could not believe the filth that he got out. Buckets of it. He started with a coarse filter and got a lot out, then finer and finally very fine. Had he started with the fine it would have clogged. However it was not the solution, I still had the problem but very clean fuel.



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 Can I encourage you to identify yourself, the name and number of your Amel and where it is ? Its just makes it easier for anyone else to respond.

 I do wonder about the necessity of fuel polishing. We have twin Racors before the engine fuel filter itself and only once in almost 30 years of owning three Amels have we had a problem with dirty fuel, a problem quickly fixed by switching from one Racor filter to the other. This is despite 8 years in third world countries with few leisure marine facilities

 What is rarely mentioned is that diesel engines recycle back to the fuel tank more litres every hour than they consume. With the D2-75  I'm told that that can be as much as 75%. The effect of this is that you automatically have a fuel polishing system in place.

I should be interested to hear of other experiences.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Lavrion, Greece


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Any opinions or better ideas, would be well received.

I am thinking of rigging a simple fuel polishing system that utilises the existing Racor set up.

Between the Racor filters and the engine insert a Y valve that goes to the engine or to a new inline 24v fuel pump (120 lph) that then goes to the fuel return line with a T connector.

In polishing mode, in a harbour or at anchor, with the engine off, the Y valve is set to send the fuel to the pump which is turned on, and back to the tank via the fuel return line. The fuel is circulated all day or overnight and is filtered. 

At the end just go back to normal mode and change the filter, check for debris.

Any thoughts? Total cost would be £45 for the pump plus a few fittings and a bit of hose. Call it £100.



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