Fuel polishing

ngtnewington Newington

Thanks for the feedback. So the general consensus is that additional polishing is not required as the Racor primary filter plus engine filter is fine. So long as one takes the usual precautions. In addition whilst motoring or running the generator some fuel polishing happens anyway.

This is nice to read.

I only raise this because the newer Amels have common rail turbo charged engines, where fuel cleanliness is extra important. In addition we may well be buying fuel with 20% biodiesel, and low sulphur. Biodiesel is more prone to degrading and bacterial growth.
Amelia has been ashore for 5 months with brim full tank.
It is a shame there is no drain valve to remove a few litres off the bottom of the tank.

Amelia AML 54-019 currently located ashore in La Palma, Canary Island. Launching in a couple of weeks and planning to sail to Greece this spring.

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