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Hi Jose,

Chain size. May be either 10 mm or 3/8 inch gypsy. You need to check. Good idea to take the gypsy with you when you go to buy the chain. Check for wear on the gypsy, that may be why it skips although even right size and good condition will skip under high loading. We have 100 m of chain and a further 70 m of heavy nylon anchor rode (rope)  spliced to the chain. Very important that the rode never makes contact with coral as it would cut. I found this to be a good combination. I spliced it through two links to get it to fit and did a nice tight splice so it would go down the hawse pipe. The gypsy will grip the rode if you find a way to apply a little pressure to the rode onto the gypsy.



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On 11 April 2019 at 08:10 "Jose Venegas via Groups.Io" <josegvenegas@...> wrote:

I am getting ready to replace my current anchor chain.   The chain that was installed by the yard 7 years ago tends to jump when enough force is made by the windlass, which I imagine is because is not the exact size for the original windlass on Ipanema. 
First question: Do you know what size chain should be used?  I am still going to buy a sample before getting the full length to make sure it fits well, but I may save time and money if I try the proper one first. 

A second question: how long (meters or feet) of chain are recommended for long distance cruising.  I find that 100 meter is too short and restricts the anchorages I can use. 

Jose Venegas
Ipanema, SM2K 278

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