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Dan Carlson

My only experience with my boat and I have also discuss used with several other cruisers who have had similar problems is that you can get some water and microorganisms that form gelatenois blobs at the bottom of the tank.  They generally behave and stay put until you are in rough seas with low fuel level in the tank. Then the sloshing breaks them loose.  I did not experience any clogging as I saw the first signs of junk in the racor filters.  The fuel tank had only about 100 liters in it so when I opened the inspection ports I could see the globs on the bottom of the tank.  I attached a 3 meter length of fuel hose to the fuel dip stick with a couple zip ties and then using a 4 liter fluid extractor I sucked each of the remaining blobs of gunk out.  Less than $100 invested.  

I can tell you that if you have 200 liters in your tank you will probably not be able to see the bottom, but a fellow cruiser just borrowed my rig last month an successfully sucked about 20liters of dirty fuel off the bottom of his full tank just by sweeping across the bottom.  He stopped when the fuel coming out became clean.  

Daniel Carlson, Sm#387, sv BeBe

On Tue, Apr 9, 2019, 12:13 PM ngtnewington Newington via Groups.Io < wrote:
Any opinions or better ideas, would be well received.

I am thinking of rigging a simple fuel polishing system that utilises the existing Racor set up.

Between the Racor filters and the engine insert a Y valve that goes to the engine or to a new inline 24v fuel pump (120 lph) that then goes to the fuel return line with a T connector.

In polishing mode, in a harbour or at anchor, with the engine off, the Y valve is set to send the fuel to the pump which is turned on, and back to the tank via the fuel return line. The fuel is circulated all day or overnight and is filtered. 

At the end just go back to normal mode and change the filter, check for debris.

Any thoughts? Total cost would be £45 for the pump plus a few fittings and a bit of hose. Call it £100.

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