Insurance update US East Coast & Bahamas- Pantaenius US

Craig Briggs

Some recent posts discussed Pantaenius coverage for east US and Bahamas with respect to the hurricane season - here's an update (spoiler alert: no change).

We just received offers for renewing our Pantaenius policy as of April 30, 2019:
Option 1: $2,287 premium for $185K agreed value with $5K deductible, $500K Indemnity; boat North of 30.5°N (Florida) from July 15 to Nov 15;
Option 2: $5,192 for same coverage; boat North of 21.0° N (Includes Bahamas), If south of 30.5 between July 15 and Nov 15, that is, in Florida or the Bahamas, a Named Tropical Storm (NTS) deductible applies of $37,000 and you must comply with their NTS Plan of 1. being hauled with unitized cradle or hurricane pit with 5000 pound blocks etc.,or 2., stored inside a Cat 4 hurricane building or 3.between fixed concrete piers or 4. being moved out of the way of the NTS. No coverage if the NTS Plan is not followed.

Noteworthy is that Lighting damage now has a deductible of 5% of Hull Value if, under Option 1, in Florida from June 1 to July 14 or Nov 1 to 30, or, under Option 2, from June 1 to Nov 30.

Bottom line, if you want year around coverage for Florida and/or the Bahamas, Pantaenius USA's rates are breathtaking. I'm shopping and have found Geico (Boat US) offers a competitively priced product.

Cheers, Craig  SN68 SANGARIS, Delray Beach, FL

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