Amel Super Maramu Water Boiler and deck painting

Graham Boyd

My 1994 SM water boiler is now leaking and I suspect past its best. Has
any one replaced a similar vintage model (40l brown Nautic Quick
700X310mm) with the latest 40l Nautic boiler: 360X620mm? If so did you
have any problems? The boiler I am replacing had provision for a zinc
and is connected to the ships electrical bonding system. I note the new
Nautic boiler has no zinc provision. Any comments would be gratefully
received as suspect a lot of time could be wasted on this one!

Graham Boyd

ps I have now copleted my deck striping and it looks great. I elected
not to use polytrol as I didn't want the decks to stick out too much.
So far I am very pleased with the result: most people don't even
comment on the decks because they just look as though "that's the way
they have always been" very smart but not too "shiny" - just what I

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