Re: Fuel polishing

eric freedman

Hi Kent,
Did you ever try Howes fuel treatment instead of Biobor?

This product is guaranteed to give you 10% better fuel economy, will not allow the diesel to gel, and absorbs the water so it will be burned with the fuel, in addition to dissolving the bacteria in the tank. It is used by large fuel depots to store fuel.

I thanks to PenAzen) had Amel install a 2 way valve in the fuel fill, The fuel goes to a pump, then through a racor truck fuel filter The filter itself is about 12 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. It then goes into the tank.
I have never had any fuel problems and the fuel tank is spotless. I use a 2 micron fuel filter in the dual racor fuel filter before it goes into the engine fuel filters. I believe the problem with using Biobor is that it kills the bacteria and the dead bacteria accumulates and sits on the bottom of the tank. Most boats have a dip tube for the fuel so sludge on the tank bottom is normally no problem. Our tanks draw the fuel from the bottom so any crud in the tank goes directly to the Racor filters. I have close to 7000 hours on my yanmar with no problems so far, Fingers crossed.

I would suggest you try it.
You can get it at most auto supply stores. I bottle is good for 350 gallons.
If you use it, the first time, I would double the recommended quantity.
Fair Winds
Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376


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