Re: Anchor Chain Size and Length

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Theo,

I’ve had a ULTRA since 2015.  It has yet to drag if set properly.  It is the 35 KG version.

I’ve gone from Turkey to New Zealand in the meantime ; it’s a good looking piece of SS sitting on your bow.  

Enjoy your boat!

Jean-Pierre Germain, SY Eleuthera, SM 007, NZ.

On 13 Apr 2019, at 07:37, s/v Paloma <sailingpaloma1@...> wrote:

Thank you!

I hope the Ultra works as good as it looks. I wasn't looking for a SS anchor but Amel told me that anchors with bars wouldn't fit the A50. So, we'll see...

I've used Manson Supreme and Rocna on previous boats and I was very pleased by them.

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