Re: Anchor Chain Size and Length

Theo s/v Paloma

Thank you Jean-Pierre.

I spent 3 seasons in the S. Pacific with my previous boat, Lagoon 450. I used NZ for off season, which was ideal. I had an unforgettable time... I plan to go again with my A50. I found catamarans to be miserable, but safe, in rough ocean. They are best on anchor.

I also went through some of the strongest storms I've ever experienced. I had a 35 kg Manson Supreme for my 450 and I only dragged once in Opua because of the river mud bottom. So, I'm hoping that the 45kg Ultra will be at least comparable. The 450 has much more windage .I'm glad you like your Ultra. I've read good things about them.

Enjoy the S. Pacific. It's amazing there.

2019 A50 #18

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