Re: Insurance update US East Coast & Bahamas- Pantaenius US

James Cromie

Hi Duane -. I am wondering what deductible you have for your policy.  
I'm also considering Novamar. 


Soteria 347

On Apr 13, 2019 11:30, "Duane Siegfri via Groups.Io" <carlylelk@...> wrote:
I just recently signed up with Novamar thru the broker Mark on Cream Puff recommended.  For $360,000 agreed value including dinghy and $10,000 in personal goods, with coverage including Grenada for hurricane season the premium was $5,054.  I submitted my own storm plan for storage on shore using one of the Grenada marinas description, and it was accepted.  The broker said it was easy to change the storm plan in the event we have it at a dock.

The navigation limits were:

Navigation: U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coastal waters and inland waters thereto of the United States between Eastport, ME and
Brownsville, Texas, including the Bahamas and waters of the Caribbean Sea, excluding the waters of Cuba, Haiti, and
Venezuela. It is warranted between 1 July and 1 November, navigation is restricted to either north of St. Mary’s, GA or south of
12 degrees 40 minutes North Latitude.

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