wind data to Raymarine ST 6000

ngtnewington Newington

Hello fellow Amel owners. I still have not managed to get the Raymarine to steer to wind. I will be single handing up to Madeira and it is likely to be upwind, so having the autopilot follow the wind shifts would be handy.

On the back of the Raymarine Control head is NMEA input terminal with just one +ve and one -ve.

On the B&G display which is FFD NMEA as shown on the photo there is no NMEA output. So presumably the connection must be in the PROCESSOR. 

I have  run a cable from the Raymarine control head to the chart table and tried various connections in the processor using the manual as a guide but to no avail.

I emailed Tinley Electronics in the UK who want to sell me a Multi Funcion Display (MFD for over £1000). I am reluctant to do that. They say that only some displays will support this, but as shown in the photo this is a  NMEA FFD.

Does anyone know if I can simply connect the Raymarine NMEA Input to the B&G processor, if so to what terminals?


S/Y Amelia Aml 54 -019 La Palma preparing to sail to Corfu.

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