Re: Eno Stove Electronic Ignitor

Dan Carlson

Thanks for the prompt Stephen,  that got me tearing into things a bit more.  Continuity thru the switch was good (infinate resistance when off, zero resistance when pressed), so that was not the problem. However, after I had reassembled the front panel, I then retested the voltage thru the switch at the point where the leads connect to the Igniter module at the back of the stove.  This was in fact less than 1 volt.  I had already checked the battery, and also the positive lead from the battery box to the Igniter module, but this was the first time testing the complete loop.   

 The reduced continuity was in the battery ensemble.  I put some dielectric grease on each end of the battery and also on the contact points on the spring at the cap.  This gave me 1.5 volts and the ignitor works again.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. It gave me a new direction to pursue which eventually led me to the solution.

Best regards, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM# 387

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019, 11:50 AM Stephen Hancock via Groups.Io < wrote:
Contacts on the start switch needs cleaning maybe. Use multimeter to check continuity.

On Apr 15, 2019, at 11:56 AM, Dan Carlson <carlsdan61@...> wrote:

Hello all,. I have the original ENO 4 Burner stove/oven.  

The electronic ignitor  has stopped sparking.  

The battery is good.  I have cleaned around the ignitors on each burner on the stove and in the oven. I have checked for any obviously loose wires or connections. 

Can anyone give further troubleshooting advice for this.

Thanks and regards, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM#387

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