Re: Amel Super Maramu Water Boiler and deck painting

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Graham:

Regarding the Penetrol/Polytrol (reportedly the same thing), I used the USA
available one (I think it was West Penetrol), on my decks after doing the stripping.
I did a test section, waited 3 months (Caribbean, Antigua sun) and it looked good.
When first applied it was very shiny but soon became a satin like finish. Next
I did the rest of the deck. It looked brand new and made the boat look
like a million bucks (in my opinion). The only initial concern was that it made
the deck a bid more slippery, but I thought this was only my imagination since
this stuff presumably doesn't "coat" the fiberglass, just merely penetrates it.

We sailed with it for 3 months and then the boat was on the hard for the
hurricane season in Antigua. Now 9 months after application, upon our return
to the boat we found the coating flaking off in 3-8 mm flakes.

The deck appeared to have eczema. It looks quite bad now, but the good
news is that the system is failing in such dramatic fashion that I believe it
will be completely gone by next month with no harm done. I will post some
pictures if there is any left when we are next on the boat.

BOTTOM LINE: It looked great while it lasted but made the decks more
slippery and failed prematurely. I would not use it again.

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona

Graham wrote:

" I elected not to use polytrol as I didn't want the decks to stick
out too much. So far I am very pleased with the result: most people don't even
comment on the decks because they just look as though "that's the way
they have always been" very smart but not too "shiny" - just what I

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