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Dan Carlson

Thanks Bill,  It turns out that it was just poor contacts with the battery.   The battery was the first thing that I checked, and then I also tried to check the contact in the battery case, but it was in fact delivering too low of a voltage due to low contact.  Some dielectric grease on the ends of the battery solved the problem.   When I get back the boat I will take a look for the spare.   I saw all of your clear notations on the different wires, so I knew that you had done some trouble shooting in there at some time. 


Best regards,   Dan


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I think that you have a spare. When the first one died, I remember I bought 2. I also relocated it to behind the stove to be able to replace easily. Look behind the stove and find a spare that looks like it. I believe I found ignitors at




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Hello all,. I have the original ENO 4 Burner stove/oven.  


The electronic ignitor  has stopped sparking.  


The battery is good.  I have cleaned around the ignitors on each burner on the stove and in the oven. I have checked for any obviously loose wires or connections. 


Can anyone give further troubleshooting advice for this.


Thanks and regards, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM#387



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