Re: Greasing autoprop

David Vogel

Hi all,

Whenever hauling your AMEL fitted with a BRUNTONS AutoProp, one of the first things on the To Do list should be to grease the autoprop. This is because, especially for longer haul-outs, any water that is already/remaining in the grease channels and bearing races will dry out and leave residual salt crystals, thereby restricting the channels and potentiality also contaminating the grease in the bearing areas. Making it harder to later apply grease to all areas, and increasing the likelihood gunky grease, friction and excess wear. Applying grease early on straight after leaving the water introduces fresh grease to the area, thereby displacing any salt water that may be in the prop lube channels.

This was personal advice received from Rod Sampson, who is the US guy for Bruntons; we met him at the Annapolis Boat Show 2017;

SM#396, Perigee

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