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hi Graham,

 I can't answer your questions on the C drive, but if the Beta is 80kg heavier I would look at  the issue of different mounts that you mention.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Greece

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] New Engine alignment in a SM
I have just had a new Beta 60 fitted to my SM no 140. Everything is just great, performance exactly the same if not better than the old Volvo, with one exception.
There is a very slight vibration present which was not there before. This is the sort of vibration like a very small bit of rope on the prop, that only someone who has sailed a SM for many miles is going to detect. Visually the C drive would appear to have slightly more movement than before.
Unfortunately my engineer failed to take accurate measurements before disassembly of the old engine, so Amel have sent me their basic instructions for aligning the engine and C drive, what my engineer doesn't understand though is the following 
1 What is the weight of the C drive
2 Where is the weight of the C drive supported on the boat?
 Does it 
a. "hang" from the metal frame inside the boat supported by its 2 rubber mounts. (The positioning of the main engine mounts under the metal frame would suggest this may be the case so that weight is equally distributed between front and back mounts.)
b. Is all its weight supported by its attachment at its base to the cast iron part of the keel?
Once we know this, alignment can be rechecked, perhaps a new coupling fitted and even slightly stiffer mounts fitted under the metal frame. the new engine is 80 kg heavier than the old.
If you have the time I look forward to your comments on this matter,
Best wishes 

SM140 Sula
Hong Kong

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