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Probably the 2 main differences between home and boat water heaters
are tank construction and a system for utilizing heat from an engine
to heat the water.

If a water heater has a stainless steel tank and has plumbing allowing
the engine coolant to circulate through the tank, it may work for you
assuming the voltage is 220-240 volts.

I think the ideal replacement for your water heater is a Isotherm
Basic 40 DS (
dual circuits for engine coolant allowing you to heat the water with
hot coolant from the engine and/or generator and/or electricity from
shore power or the generator.

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Auckland, NZ

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Hello All, Seasonal Greetings to everyone out there.

Just a quick question regarding water heaters, strolling around a
Hardware Store here in Sarajevo, Bosnia. I happened to notice a
rather large selection of water heaters for sale , all reasonably
priced and with the same fittings as on a standard boat waterheater,
with one exception,the fancy name. Can anyone tell me if there is any
actual difference or if an upgrade required, for what is a basic
plumming job.
Again Happy New Year to you all

Regards Joe McDonnell

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