Re: Guests and engine controls!

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Hi Miles,

You should check the alternator is working. If the pulley is rotating and for whatever reason there is nowhere for the current from the alternator to go then you will fry the diodes. If the alternator is fine then you should be fine.


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A guest on board switched my ignition off whilst motoring.
Trying to be helpful.

The engine kept running but I only noticed a few mins later when I spotted the instruments were off

My Perkins control panel has a electric ignition switch that turns on the instruments and starts the pressure alarm etc and I presume power onto the starter etc

Then a momentary push button to start

To stop it’s an electric button.

Does any one know if running with the ignition off for a short while could cause problems ? I’m naive about these electrics but always assumed the shutdown order super important!

The main engine power switch was on throughout.

Many thanks in advance

Miles Maramu 162

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