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smiles bernard

Thanks for that Bill

I wondered about that so have checked alternator output by simply checking charge voltage at the batteries. That still seems to be a good output voltage and I’m unsure of any further checks to do. 

Many thanks for your help


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In some cases and with some alternators, this may cause damage to the diodes in the Alternator.


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A guest on board switched my ignition off whilst motoring.
Trying to be helpful.

The engine kept running but I only noticed a few mins later when I spotted the instruments were off

My Perkins control panel has a electric ignition switch that turns on the instruments and starts the pressure alarm etc and I presume power onto the starter etc

Then a momentary push button to start

To stop it’s an electric button.

Does any one know if running with the ignition off for a short while could cause problems ? I’m naive about these electrics but always assumed the shutdown order super important!

The main engine power switch was on throughout.

Many thanks in advance

Miles Maramu 162

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