Re: Changing engine bearings Amel Mango Perkins 4.236

James Alton


  My Amel is a Maramu but the mounts look like they are the same as yours.  On my boat the center rubber mount is fastened with a nut and peening.  The center rubber mount has a stud protruding on one end and this passes through a hole in the bottom of the steel mount as shown in the photo below:

My engine bed was drilled to make room for the nut on the bottom of the steel mount.   

This is the top part of the steel mount and the center rubber mount.

Best of luck with your project,


On Apr 18, 2019, at 5:29 PM, Frederic F <fgf@...> wrote:

Hello Olivier,

thank you very much for your hint. We asked AMEL for the rubber mounts. Seems like if they can deliver them. The only thing we still didn‘t figure out is how the central big rubber is fixed to the bottom of the mount. Is there maybe a screw? Probably we will see how it works, when the mount is disabled. But would be nice to have an idea in advance. 

Danke dir!


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