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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Graeme,

I cannot give details as to model of vetus mounts to use, however you need to know that the Amel system of mounting the engine on the angle iron frames with the mounts under this allowed the use of mounts with a significantly lower weight specification than would be used usually when the mounts are directly attached to the motor. If others do not come in on this when next on my boat I can look at my spare and give you the part number. The SM 2000 had the Volvo TMD 22 or the equivalent Yanmar fitted so that is the weight comparison you need to use. The Volvo D2 75 I replaced the TMD with is lighter. If your new engine is heavier than the two Amel options this will obviously need to be taken into consideration.



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Hi Bill 

Thanks for the detailed advice. I think using the Beta mounts was a mistake. Can you recommend the vetus or other manufacturers' mounts that are suitable for supporting the metal frame. The new engine is around 290 kg with gearbox.This info seems hard to come by and on the Vetus site there is nothing resembling the original donut shaped mounts. The originals were by Schwartz but googling that goes nowhere. We will order the rubber donuts inside the coupling asap.

Thanks again for your help


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