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tony wells

Hi Duane

I had a similar situation with my Marco. The following is the advice from Marco’s engineer. The scenario / process was omitted from my manual in error and has now been included by Marco. 


To address the problem of the automated start of the pump we have to understand in which case we are in, now: if you turn off the pump power supply at the boat panel, wait a few seconds and then turn on the power again, what happens? There should be only two cases:

  1. The pump starts immediately, on the pump’s panel the “run” led turns on steady, as long as the power led, and it tries to prime
  2. The pump does not start, the power led turns on (alone), everything is still.


If we are in case 1, it means that the pump is set to turn on automatically after a power or panel reset.

If we are in case 2, it means that the pump waits for user input after a power or panel reset.


On a boat, you usually want to be in “case 1”, therefore, if the pump does not start automatically after a reset, you need to:

  1. Turn off the pump power supply at the boat panel
  2. While pressing the reset button, turn the power on at the boat panel
  3. Wait until the red light flashes: it means the the “automated start mode” has beentoggled


After this, nothing else is needed: the pump should start automatically


I’m not sure you have the same software / setup but assuming you do then I trust this will work. 

If there is air in the system then the pump may have a small bleed screw (Allen key - tighten it again VERY gently when the pump starts drawing water)

Good luck. I have the Marco engineers private mobile if you still need it. 

Amel 54, Balthazar 
Levkas, Greece

On 19 Apr 2019, at 22:14, Duane Siegfri via Groups.Io <carlylelk@...> wrote:

I have a Marco UP3E pump that is not working and would love some advice on any other things to check.

The pump stopped working while it was being used (wife was in the shower!)
When I turn the breaker off, then on, all the lights start blinking (blue, red and green), then only the green/yellow light stays on (steady, not blinking).  I'm thinking it's yellow, but it could be green.
There is plenty of water in the tank.

I have checked:
1. That there is no foreign matter between the gears or in the gearcase.
2.  That the pump has proper DC voltage available.
3.  That there is no air blockage by easing the bleed screw.

The manual states that the brushes have a life of 1,000 hours.  The pump is about 1.5 years old, so we would have to run it about 2 hours a day.  That seems unlikely but the brushes seem to be the most logical thing to have failed.  The manual states:

When the LED is green and blinking it means that the pump is in "stand by" mode at the maximum preset pressure waiting for water demand.  When the LED is green and steady, the pump is increasing the flow in order to reach the preset pressure and meet the demand flow rate.  When the LED is yellow and steady, the pump has reached the pre-set pressure and is steadying the flow rate to maintain a constant pressure on the pipe line.  A short flickering of the red LED is showing that the pump is gradually decreasing the flow in order to reduce the pressure to the pre-set value.  I

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