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Glad you have water pumping again.


Keep in mind that PR is a part of the USPS and you can Express Mail or Priority Mail (2-3 days) to the island from most USA online chandleries at regular postal rates. Also, the West Marine on PR adds a surcharge to their already ridiculously high prices. Better to buy from the mainland and pay for shipping.



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Follow up:

After checking for a blockage, lack of voltage, or lack of water, the manual says the only other thing to check is the motor brushes. 

I took the back cover off and one motor brushholder and brush wire were badly corroded.  The wire fell apart as I touched it.  I replaced the wire with some copper stranded wire that I jammed into a hole I drilled in the carbon brush and then glued in place (not the best electrical connection, but the carbon block wouldn't accept solder).  I could not unsolder the wire from the circuit board (not enough heat) so I filed it flat and drilled it out hoping not to hit the conductor on the circuit board. Then I soldered the new wire to the circuit board.  When I reinstalled, it still didn't work, but gave a different error light.  We neglected to turn off the breaker and seeing it the next morning I turned it off, then thought “what the heck” and turned the breaker back started running!  It must require going through a start-up several times before it resets.  I opened the bleed screw to permit the air to expell as it primed and eureka!  It is pumping water again!

This is probably a temporary repair, so we'll try to source a new pump in Puerto Rico.

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