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We have #387 and had the same is the Raw Water stainless
feed pipe. The part
number is 130-5448-01. I patched mine for the time being and have
ordered the pipe.


s/v BeBe SM2 #387
Auckland, NZ for cyclone season

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I own "Antares" SM2K378. Recently, I have been occupied with a
maddening leak from somewhere in the cooling water supply to the
generator (an Onan 7KW). It appeared to be coming from under the
generator, alongside a stainless steel pipe that transits under the
generator, but I couldn't tell for sure, because I could not see under
the generator.I spent hours tightening hose clamps and looking for
phantom leaks. It appears that Amel had custom installed this pipe for
aesthetic purposes, in order to reduce the clutter of hoses in front
of the generator.
The sea water was routed in a hose from the water closet, along the
engine room bulkhead, down under the drip pan to the aft side of the
generator, then attaches to the custom stainless pipe, which transits
along the back of the generator (inside the cover, where it's hard to
get to), dips down under the generator, then appears in the front,
where it joins to the black rubber elbow that attaches to the water
pump. Whew!
My first inclination was to simply cut the original hose and attach it
to the rubber elbow direct with a hose joint, eliminating the pipe.
However, I must have some French in me, because I decided to fix it.
To do so, it was necessary to remove the engine mount bolts, lift the
generator a couple of inches, and remove the pipe, which was repaired,
then protected with a rubber hose to eliminate the chafe against the
drip pan which caused the original leak.
I was smart enough, however, to obtain a double barbed hose union,
which is difficult to find in Cartagena in the proper size. If this
happens again, the stainless pipe is gone.
Happy holidays

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