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Nick, I have replaced the Reya pump system twice, I was completely disappointed with this unit and replaced it again with a Johnson WPS 3.5 Water Pressure System Pump (google specs). This Unit cost $210.00 AUD and worked perfectly for 9 years (we live on our boat). I have just replaced this pump with a new one of the same due to a failure yet to be found. However, parts are available and I will retain the old refurbished pump as a spare. 

There are two wires, black and red, that run externally from the pressure switch to the motor, you can cut the red wire (positive+) and jump that to the green wire that goes to the green indicator light in the galley to indicate the pump is operating. Easy pezzy.

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I have been following the various threads regarding replacing the freshwater pump.
On Amelia the pump with pressure vessel works fine but I have no spare and it sounds like it is only a question of time.
In the screen shot below are two pumps from Marco that look good. My questions are-
Is the electronic 14E really worth the extra cost?
The 12A could be used with the existing pressure vessel, whilst the 14E could be used without, right?

How reliable is the electronic controller for the 14E?

Nick s/y Amelia AML54-019

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