Re: D3-110i-c

Martin Bevan

We have had the timing belt changed twice, once in New Zealand, 2,200 hours and recently in Spain, at 2,250 hours. There special Volvo tools for this, in NZ the Volvo engineer hired them in from Volvo NZ specifically for the job which lead me to believe that there was something about them that made them difficult to fabricate. Sorry not to be more helpful, you are probably better equipped than me to do the job. 

Martin Bevan
Caduceus AMEL 54 #56

On 23 Apr 2019, at 08:28, Denis Elborn <delborn@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,
I'm planning to replace my timing  belt and would like to know the dimensions of the counter hold tool so that I can make one before leaving Australia for Greece, also the size of the crankshaft nut would be useful.

Denis and Julie
Aventura A54-113

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