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Hi Gary,
A long , expensive, unfinished saga...
1. In May our transducers were checked in Trinidad. Told they were fine and the problem was the control box.
2. Took the box back to UK. B&G HQ sais it was fine and that it was the transducers! Said ( apparently this is so) that actually you can't be certain by checking the transducers.
3. Bought replacement transducers....the wrong ones. The Amel ones are about 4" long and straight. The ones shown in the B&G manual are sort of V shaped.
4. Bought the right ones from Pochon in Guadeloupe.
5. Came out in the Travellift in Guadeloupe. DON'T. Its in too narrow a slot and the guy who operates it...... 6" gouge on the boat. Only reassuring thing is the depth of the gelcoat.
6. Pochon very efficient. Old transducers came out very easily.
7. change. Pochon then checks the box as obviously the transducers were not at fault. Replaces the card. Bingo, we have a log.
8. It looks to me as tho B&G HQ failed to spot the fault in the box.Now starts the battle to try to get them to contribute to the wholly unnecessary costs I have incurred, particularly as Pochon think the old card can be repaired.
We are now in Antigua but returning to Guadeloupe on 2 Jan. However we will be back in mid Jan for a longer stay. It would be great to meet up . Are you still based in Jolly Harbour? What are your movements?

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