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Hi there
Stainless steel is smoother & harder, therefore may be better choice to keep lines under tension & avoid chafing Under heavy stress; do not know effect of heating when tension is constant & applies compression to strands. Easy to clean from salt deposits. Only drawback would be that Stainless steel grade 316 is brittle & does not like shocks (unlikely to happen) … Still cheaper (@30%) than Alm 
However, I have 38 years old Aluminium faileads on our 'Big Mama' & being slightly softer allow lines to compress & move without damage other than heating when under heavy constant strain. Alm casting is resilient & can take blows, easy to smooth down … 
your choice, Shine & save vs Light & soft …
fair winds, & smooth moorings

christian alby - Désirade VIII ( Maramu 116 - now in Canet

Le ‎dimanche‎ ‎28‎ ‎avril‎ ‎2019‎ ‎13‎:‎40‎:‎11‎ ‎AST, Keith Tice <amel@...> a écrit :

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the hint. I checked out the web site and believe that I can find a good solution with them.
For friction reduction, I wonder if Stainless Steel or Aluminum is preferable.

Fair winds

Keith Tice
Bikini - SM2K #282

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hi there Keith
they have a wide range of alm & ss fairleads made by 4 DEK UK which accomodate old fashioned deck arrangements
guess you may find proper replacement there
fair Wind

christian alby - Désirade VIII - Maramu 116 - now in Canet

Le ‎vendredi‎ ‎26‎ ‎avril‎ ‎2019‎ ‎21‎:‎55‎:‎16‎ ‎AST, Keith Tice <amel@...> a écrit :

My SM2K stern fairleads need to be replaced.
Amel no longer offers this part.
The port fairlead is warped and the starboard fairlead was replaced by the previous owner, but the replacement fairlead is biting into the 20mm mooring lines.
I have been unable to locate a fairlead as large and smooth as the original fairleads fitted by Amel.
The previous owner told me that Amel switched to roller fairleads, but that they do not fit the available space on the SM2K.

Keith Tice
Bikini - SM2K #282

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