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When I purchased Amelia in 2017 both Dolphins were dead. I replaced the 100 amp with a Xantrex inverter charger(Special offer at Budget marine Grenada)8 and a 30A Mastervolt, which still works fine but judging from this forum I shoulda gone Victron. It is easy to be wise. Still I am happy with solar, wind, 175A Alternator, Xantrex, Mastervolt. Between that lot we gonna be well charged whatever.....on my last quick passsage north from La Palma, my battery bank stayed at 100% for the entire passage despite running deep freeze and two fridges, radar and autopilot 24/7. Mind you the apparent wind was drumming permanent 20-35kn. The wind generators were cranking. Enjoying peace and tranquility of Funchal....
Amelia in FunchalĀ 


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.....king Mastervolt

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My original 100 amp Dolphin died about 4 years ago, and it made me nervous anyway because it lacked a battery temperature sensor. I replaced it with a 100 amp Mastervolt charger, which seems to have died this weekend....having verified all connections and voltage and still getting nothing. Wondering what others have chosen when replacing the Dolphin. Having done several hours of customer complaint sleuthing it seems that the Mastervolt can be temperature sensitive and the battery chargers on a SM are relatively close to the gen.

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