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Regarding the rub strake, Sundance SM349 had damage from 2 hurricaines. We re[paired glass of strake, then primed it and then painted with bright blue AWL Grip. Only the strake was painted. We used masking tape. In the deep groove on the strake we cut logitudinal strips of STARBOARD, a dense polyethylene, left it proud by at least 3/8 inches, routed the edges which is important. We filled the recess from the bow back to the stern including the wider recess for the "supermaramu" name in the recess.We used SS screws, countersunk. The Starboard is indestructible and protects the strake because it acts as a slick, slippery rub rail. I spent less than 1000 dollars.One thousand dollars! Not only that, but with a new bright red boot top, the boat looks vastly better. Should have been done that way to start. If the white starboard is gouged, simply sand it out with fine paper. Now have red-white and blue on side. Hull remains white. WEill get photos of the application and send Joel a disc so he can post it for me and we'll try to also in Jan. Will also post photo's of bent anchor repair. Murray Seidel SM 349 Sundance. 910-470-1225.

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If you can see the bare glass than it can't be polished out. Last spring I
had to do major glass repair to my rub rail and than painted the entire rail.It
sounds as though you are probably going to have to color match the gel coat
and repair the dings. I often wonder why Amel did'nt put a proper rub rail on
these boats. Pat

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I have just received some rubbing strake damage on my otherwise well
and preserved SM 2000; specifically a small section where the brown
coating has chipped off completely revealing the bare fibre glass
as well as long abrasions, some of which penetrate the outer brown

Can anyone please advise me a) can the surface covering be abrasions be
polished out?
b) how best to repair the chipped off area to achieve the same brown
c) is there a specific color reference for this brown? Together with any

other advice. Such would be greatly appreciated.

Frank Newton
Bootlegger of Mann
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