Wind Generators

ngtnewington Newington

I have two Rutland 1200’s on Amelia and two 275w solar.
For the money the solar payback is a no brainer. Money well spent.
As for the WG’s. The payback is poor and although the blades are silent there is a resonating hum that is annoying at night in the aft cabin.
However there are occasions whilst on passage, when it gets a bit rough and the autopilot is working hard, maybe it is raining and the visibility poor and the radar on 24/7 plus all the navigation instruments. When one would normally be pulling 15A out of the batteries. That they come into their own and really chuck out the power such that the batteries just stay full.
Would I do it again......Probably but if money is tight no.

Amelia in Funchal waiting for my crew to sail to Corfu

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