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Hi Arno,


Indeed it seems both of us have spent/are spending a lot of time, energy and money to get our boats back in shape.


There are two relays/solenoids behind the white panel near the ceiling next to the closet in the guest cabin. One of them is for the main outhaul (we had to renew that one last year) and the other one I guess is for the main furler.


I really think it is either the switch (we think it is good); the relay/solenoid or the bushes as: A) I can furl in with the motor and B) the furler itself can be hand cranked. BTW you need a short handle o'wise you will not be able to make a full turn due to the outhaul motor cover.


I should have tested all furlers b4 leaving port; but everything was working perfect 7 days ago coming back from ISLE des PINS. I guess another lesson learned.


How are you getting along with LUNA?


Best Regards Teun

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Hi Teun,


Your boat is really keeping you busy, not?


For your problem I think you have two possibilities. A relative good one and a bad one.


The good one is that the relay is not working for whatever reason. I’m guessing the relays are near to the circuit breakers in the guest cabin (see attached circuit diagram).

The second possibility is that there is so much play on the gears inside the gearbox of the furling motor that they lock-up causing the motor to stall.


My first guess would be it is the first problem, maybe caused by a broken wire or contact corrosion.




Arno Luijten

SV Luna,







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