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Ryan Meador

Our boat has the TMD22P.  I've been using Fram PH8A oil filters, which are a generic brand of the same size.  I can find them in most auto parts stores for less than $10.  The fuel filter is slightly harder to come by; I had to order online.  I have both Fram P8043 and Sierra 18-7942 which are equivalent.

Ryan and Kelly
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 Hi Philipp,

 You might try a Volvo garage---often the marine and road filters are the same, but the road ones can be much cheaper. Volvo know how much more precious a boat is to its owner than a truck....

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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I have also a Perkins M80T which is equivalent to the TMD22 A. For me it is not clear if I can order filter for oil and fuel from Perkins or from Volvo. Perkins is much cheaper. Till now I didn't have any problems. I have ordered always from the big online broker parts4engine from UK. If I need to order for Volvo, then I have to order from the broker from the Netherlands which is at the moment much more expensive.
Does anybody know which is best for what?

Thanks to all for any answer or suggestions which are highly apreciated.

Félicie, Switzerland, SM #124

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