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Thanks Eric. We have a three stair boarding ladder on the dock but it still requires my wife to straddle the life line ( difficult when wearing a skirt) and she would like a break in the life line if possible. As I mentioned, I'd like to modify the life line as long as it doesn't distroy the overall integrety of the rail.


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We have a ladder that came with our boat. It has 3 steps and hooks over the
rub rail.

It has a small standoff to keep it off the hull. Standing on the top rung
you can easily step over the life lines. We always tie it to a stanchion to
keep it from going over the side.

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Subject: [Amel] modifying stainless lifelines on 48' Maramu

My wife and I are new owners of a 48' Maramu. We have the standard
stainless lifelines and my wife would like it modified so she can get
on and off easier. I'm concerned that we may weeken the life line and
the spiniker sheet traveler adjustment by modifying the line. Has
anyone made or seen this modification?

We love our Amel and currently live aboard in Seattle, Washington.

Bob & Joyce

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