Re: Wind Generators

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Yes, no doubt a compromise for some but ofor us out here, we never take our awning down.

Actually on Island Pearl we have the complete (as new) original Amel supplied fold back awning permanently sitting under the new higher and wider one. The new one is done in a way that it is never removed.

We did not like the original one as it had no windows facing forwards above the cockpit hard top and was difficult to see the sails plus lacked decent air flow through the cockpit. Using the new one there is excellent viability and no need to remove.

SV Island Pearl II #332

On Mon, 6 May 2019, 02:20 Alan Leslie, <s.v.elyse@...> wrote:
Impressive !, but it means the cockpit is permanently covered...maybe not so bad these days !
Elyse SM437

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