Re: Copper earthing/bonding strap broken in bilge on Amel 54

Barry Connor

Re: Bonding Earthing Connection to Keel.
We have completed the re-attachment of the earth bonding keel strap to Amel 54 "Lady Penelope II" and Amel 54 "Wasabi" here at Marina di Ragusa.
Rudi and I used copper earthing wire that you would find in building construction.
We put lug connectors on each end and covered the copper wire with heat shrink rubber/pvc tube, then sealed both ends with rubber/pvc liquid wire seal.
The reason that we sealed the copper wire was we saw how the copper strap had just been corroded away by the bilge water. The sealing of the complete length of the copper wire  was to make sure that no moisture/bilge water got into the copper wire  from either end.
We were able to attach the bottom of the copper wire to the keel bolt using a copper earth pole lug which we attached using a stainless steel bolt and nut with lock tight. The 30mm nut firmly secured this to the keel bolt.
The earth bonding wires from the boat connected at the top of the bilge sump to the original copper strap with copper sheet was drilled and the copper wire from the keel was attached using a stainless steel bolt and nut.
The photos below show how we unscrewed the keel bolt nut with an extended 30mm socket with several extensions firmly bound together with Gorilla tape. We used 2 sided Gorilla tape inside the socket to ensure that the nut stayed inside the socket when unscrewed.
I hope that all can follow this and understand the photos.
Please ask if you have any queries.
I do hope that we don't get told that we have done this completely wrong.

Best Regards

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Rudi and Sabina. "Wasabi"
Amel 54's
Marina di Ragusa   Sicily

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