Re: Dessalator cuts out when flushing

Gary Silver

Hi James, You are correct, depending on the source you look at 1 micro-siemen/cm = to about 0.65 TDS for seawater.  I have corrected my original message. 

This is the EC meter I bought ( example )  it is powered by 230 VAC, has adjustable alarm limits (I verified the calibration on mine using some standardized calibrated water), and it has relay output for the alarm and/or bypass valve.  I included some LEDs to show power, and alarm condition but that was just fluff.  I powered it from the Dessalinator CB  so that any time that CB is on the salinity sensor is on.  The relay output switches 24 VDC to the sonalert that has an inline switch that I label "arm / mute" so I can mute the sonalert while the startup cycle does it's thing (i.e. high EC). The bypass switch is labeled "save / discard".  I will draw up a schematic of the system and post it in the files section under Amel SM - Dessalator.  The sensor is plumbed into the product water line as it exits the membranes (next to the original sham sensor).  I think I already posted a picture of that.  My timer for the auto flush circuit is a 24 volt fish feeder 7 day programable timer hooked to a relay.  The wire from the 24 VDC panel for the pressurized water pump passes thru this relay on the Normally Open contacts.  When the timer is in the "ON" mode the relay closes and supplies 24 VDC to the fresh water pump.  When I leave the boat I place the flush valve in the the "flush" position and set the Timer to "Auto" mode so that when the timer commands, the relay closes, energizing the fresh water pump for the period programmed into the timer.  Once the flush is complete the power to the fresh water pump is interrupted by the relay contacts opening.  So the pressurized water system is not always pressurized lest a leak flood the boat.  It is only pressurized during relay closure.

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 #335 

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