Main Outhaul early SM 2K


Hi all,
I had my masts and booms painted last Fall, and had a helluva time getting the outhaul shaft out.  The yard ended up breaking the cover plate of the gearbox, so I bought a new gearbox and motor from Amel (they wouldn’t sell me a new cover plate). I asked that they grease the shaft well with NeverSeize, and they said they did.  The bracket isn’t like the one pictured here, just two tabs welded to the boom, with a black plastic connector that bolts to the gearbox, and in turn bolts to the tabs on the boom.  After a few months I noticed the motor and gearbox moving when furling the main, and discovered the forward bolt holding the black plastic part to the tab on the boom was almost completely out.  I screwed it back in, but the black plastic part has stripped threads and it won’t hold.

Now, 6 months after installing the new gearbox and motor, I want to replace the black plastic connector, but I can’t get the shaft to budge.  I’ve tried tapping on a bolt in the bottom of the shaft while putting wedges between the boom and black plastic.  With seals in place, I’m not confident any PB Blaster would make its way down the shaft.  The way it’s attached to the boom doesn’t allow for a puller (pusher in this case) to fit between the gearbox and the boom.  It’s only about 1/8” with the plastic part down as far as it will go.  See pic below.

Have you seen anyone remove the shaft with this installment configuration?  Some special tool that will work?  I hate to put something across the boom with the new paint job.

Thanks for any ideas.
SM 243

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