Re: Volvo D3-110 belt changes

Barry Connor

Hi Alex,
My large additional alternator is on the Port side with extra pulleys attached to the engine. On the later 54’s the additional alternator is on the Starboard side and uses the engine belt.
If you have the same as me then my last set of belts only lasted 400 hrs, supplied by Volvo mechanic HYERES but not Volvo parts. I have just bought better quality Gates belts and I think these will last longer. Let me know if you need the size, details.

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On May 9, 2019, at 02:28, Alex Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...> wrote:

The alternator belt on my Volvo D3 lasts ca 300h. In the French manual that I have onboard, it sais this belt should last 1200h. What's the experience in this group?

According to a certified Volvo technician from a Volvo dealer here in FLA, the TIMER BELT should last 1500h. I was about ready to change after 800h based on the advice from the former owner. What is the experience of this group in regards to the timing belt?

Also, if someone knows which exact special tool I need to change myself and where to get that, would be great!
Thank you for your advice.

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