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If you plan to take Kristy there, you can stay in the city mooring field: 38°58'33.7"N 76°28'58.6"W This will be a lot cheaper alternative to the very expensive marinas in the area. It is first come first served so get there a few days before the school starts to get an outer buoy (for larger vessels). You will not have trouble getting a mooring on Mondays – Thursdays. Weekends can be iffy.


Use the public dinghy docks. It is a short walk to the school. Each of the numbered streets on the Eastport peninsular have free public dinghy docks. There is one located at the south end of 6th street. If it is blowing hard you can use the north end of 4th and walk.


You will find the school very educational and well worth the money.





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AHi again everyone,
It looks like a private class isn’t going to happen.  I’d recommend looking at either the Mack Boring 2-day marine diesel owner’s class or the Annapolis School of Seamanship classes which are 2 day Basic Diesel and 2-day Level II Diesel class which goes more into troubleshooting.  Iris and I are signing up for the School of Seamanship classes this Summer.
Sorry I couldn’t get a private Amel class put together, but finding the facility, engines, instructors, and timing just didn’t seem to work.
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