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Hi Mike,

just to add to the other answers. Yes they are needed, both of them. Absolutely essential At times they can become bent and need straitening or replacing. Never leave them uncovered. The cover is best dine with a heavy wall rubber tubing to give maximum mast protection. I use fuel hose. It comes in many internal diameters and is rubber like and has thick walls. Just find one that is a tight fit. I cover most of the length.. You don't need to go up the mast, unroll the headsail and drop the furler to deck level. Why do they get bent? In my case I used to carry the spare halyard clipped to the pulpit. It sagged back a little and when I furled the headsail it got caught up in the sail. Result two  very  "bent sticks". That was in my first months of ownership. Needless to say for the last 10 years I have never carried the spare halyard there.



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On 13 May 2019 at 06:04 SV Trilogy <svtrilogy53@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

How critical are the 2 sticks/poles (perhaps called "cornes" in French?) that are bolted onto the top swivel of the genoa furling assembly?

Our SM was sold to us with just one of these installed on the starboard side. All it seems to do is occasionally make contact with the mast - gouging the aluminum and removing paint - and/or interfere with the second halyard. Wondering if it can just be removed or if we should source and install the second one on the port side?

Wouldn't the genoa halyard tension be enough to keep the top swivel in it's proper orientation?

With both sticks installed, are they supposed to make any contact with the mast or rigging? If not, what is their purpose? Only during extreme forces/emergency? 

I don't see anything like these on other boats (a most common thing with Amel design) so any insight or information is welcomed.

Mike & Hannah
SV Trilogy, SM#23

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