Re: The two "sticks" on the genoa top swivel


Mine is at deck level cause have just replaced the fore stay. Think you could easily make up a new one out of stainless and use a die to cut a new thread

Thanks for the fuel tube idea Danny. 


John Hayes
NGA Waka SN41

On 13/05/2019, at 6:54 AM, SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

I’m interested in this subject too. I recently lost one of the black rubber/plastic covers from one of the ‘sticks’. I’d hate to think it was gouging the mast! 
I also have never seen these devices on other furling systems.
Maybe I need to get up there and wrap it in some self-vulcanising tape, or heatshrink sleeving??
Presumably Maud can supply new sleeves and sticks.
SY Stella 

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