Re: The two "sticks" on the genoa top swivel


Hi Mike and Hannah,


The two sticks are important.  They guarantee that the halyard cannot ever wrap around the stay.  On many boats other than Amels, if there is any dirt or anything making the top swivel a little less than free, the halyard can wrap when you are trying to furl the sail.   This can happen in a blow and suddenly you cannot furl or drop the sail (guess how I know this).   Amel fits each stick with a rubber sleeve that protects the paint on the mast.  I would suggest that your order one stick and two rubber sleeves. 


As many people in this group have said, Amel never did anything without a reason.  The reason may not be obvious at first, but there is a reason.  When I bought my boat, Amel told me they would be interested in my comments, but not until I had sailed for at least a year.    They explained that in their experience, it would take at least a year for me to understand why they had done what they did.   In fact, it took longer and after 20 years I still come across cleaver bits that I had not noticed.






s/y Ladybug, SM 216, Martinique

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