Re: The two "sticks" on the genoa top swivel

Martin Bevan

As others have stated, the two sticks are important. On our Atlantic crossing I found one on the deck, the anti vibration nut having vibrate off, I found the errant nut in the top swivel. In attempting to furl the Genoa the second “stick” sheered off. Not fully understanding what these metal stays did, we found out the hard way - without them furling results in slicing through halyards, inconvenient when the Cape Verde Islands are 100nm astern.  In this instance I had one stay as a pattern and as fortune would have it a length of stainless bar to fabricate a second. In Martinique in 2010 I purchased 4 spares which of course I have never required. 

Now to the point. We have replaced the original Bamar furler, foil and top swivel with a Reckmann. I therefore have 4 spares, which will work for a 54 or SM which I would be delighted to sell for €Offers plus the cost of P&P. Currently on board in Spain but I will be taking them back to the UK in June. 

I also have spare spare impellers for the original Reya water and air con pumps which have also been replaced if they are of interest to anyone.

Martin Bevan
Caduceus AMEL 54 #56
Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain

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