Re: Electric Motor for SM main outhaul/furler


Didier is the absolute best for those things, and a Preferred Vendor of yacht School.

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We also replaced an old motor about a year ago (it really was very un-repairable).  Couple of things.  Like you say, David, the replacement motors are a slightly smaller diameter.  We used 3 rubber spacers and then silicone sealer/adhesive to fit it to the black enclosure holder.  But first, the motor needs to be painted.  The yard at Malta--Manoel Island Yacht Yard--recommended 2 part epoxy InterProtect which is what we used--several coats.  Easy to do, we did all the work ourselves.

Also, at our later request Maud shipped us the brush replacement kit.  It was, of course, more expensive than just brushes--I can probably find the part number and price if anyone needs it.  The Amel parts person at Hyères told us that the new motor was more powerful than the old--I have not confirmed that but seems to work well.

We just arrived at the dock in front of Chantiers AMEL - Caraïbes bound for Aruba.  Didier is going to do some preventative maintenance in the form of engine mount replacement, carbon removal from the Onan, and an impeller strainer for the Onan.  Will take some pics.

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI

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