SM Main Sail Furling Gearbox Black Mounting Rings

Gary Silver

Hi All:

The black composite mounting rings that are on top and bottom of the LeRoy Sommer gearbox for the furling of the main-sail on Liahona were cracked.  I ordered a set from Maud at Amel and when they arrived there were two identical parts.  However, the system requires two mirror image parts.  The top and bottom rings are mirror images otherwise the mounting holes don't line up.  I sent detailed photos of this to Maud and requested a top ring and a bottom ring (the bevel on the side and the mounting holes as well as the counter-bore for the gearbox are opposite each other) and Maud replied that they only had the one type.  I don't know if this was just a communication error or misunderstanding but I ultimately just drilled new mounting holes in the mounting rings in order to make it work. 

Perhaps you will have better luck when ordering if you order "one top ring and one bottom ring"  thereby specifying that you know they are indeed different parts.


Gary S. Silver 
s/v Liahona 
Amel SM2000 #335

PS  If you reference the last two pictures here you will note that the top mounting ring creates a reservoir for water entrapment around the furling fitting (NOT GOOD).  I attempted to remedy this by cutting a small relief channel in the lower face of the mounting ring to provide a drain (weep) hole / channel for water to exit this area.  Whether this will create a stress riser that will crack the material or not will only be revealed with time.  The original design however, in my opinion is flawed because it traps water in this critical area. 
Puerto Del Rey Marina, Puerto Rico

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