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Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Gang
The Official Volvo Maintenance Schedule requires change of Cam Belt/Timing Belt every 1400 hours.

300h for the Alternator Belt (also drives the Water-Pumps (inkl. Impeller-Pump) is quite low. As mentioned before, - maybe slip or other issues. 
The Alternator Belt on my A-54 had 500h when I made Service with a certified Volvo technician from a Volvo dealer in Italy.
Volvo Technician said the Belt looks perfect and there is no need for change. He guarantied another 200h-300h lifetime. 

Fair winds
Amel 54. #55

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The pulley that used to be on my Volvo has been changed to another model by a certified Volvo service shop in St. Martin 2 years ago. The change didn't impact the lifetime of my alternator belts.

In regards to the timing belt, based on the answer I received, I now think 1200h should be o.k., so I don't need to do this now at 800. If someone has pics and / sources to get the special tools, I'd appreciate. 

fair winds

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