Re: Absence of boom-kickers on a 54

Arno Luijten

Hi Bil,

If you are referring to the hole that sits at the very base of the mast, that hole is the drain hole for water that gets into the mast. I wonder if it is able to take the loads of a kicker. I also noticed the later 54’s do not have the same “hole-arrangement” at the underside of the boom as the early ones.

I do love your remark about the table behind the steering chair. I wondered the same thing. That thing must be the number 1 design flaw for the Amel 54. I actually removed it. That makes the cockpit much roomier as well. We now use a small foldable table if we need to support our drinks…

I was thinking about this thing to put against the back wall of the cockpit:

But maybe I will just change the way the original table is designed and make it a bit lighter as well.



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